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Most people have had some kind of problems getting a good night's sleep or have experienced sleepiness during the day. These problems may be caused by emotional distress (a divorce, a death in the family) and they can affect the performance on the job and the general quality of life.

But what if these sleep problems and daytime sleepiness continue for weeks, months or even years? 

There are many sleep disorders, but this guide will focus on sleep breathing disorders, and more exactly: sleep apnea syndrome.

To understand the apnea syndrome, simply click on the links below for the topic of interest to you:

Discover the Sleep Apnea Syndrome

What is it?
Risk Factors

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Learn Ways to Diagnose & Test Sleep Apnea

This syndrome is the most common sleep breathing disorder, where at least 3 milion men and 1.5 milion women in the US show the symptoms. 

Although the apnea disorder is easy to treat, some people diagnose the problem very late, or... too late. They do not realize that their snoring or their daytime sleepiness shows a dangerous health problem.

For many people, snoring and daytime sleepiness become a normality in their life, and tend to ignore them even when their spouse or doctor question their quality of life.

Fortunately, with little knowledge, you can already take your first step in diagnosing your sleep problems by reading these guidelines:

Sleep Study
Home Sleep Test

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How to Treat Sleep Apnea ?

The treatment depends on the severity of your apnea breathing disorder. A doctor may suggest general preventive behaviors, such as changing sleep position, losing weight. 

The natural remedies discussed in this site can also help the patients with mild cases of OSA.

But in moderate and severe cases, a physician can recommend a standard treatment, such as CPAP therapy, dental devices that keeps your airway open or different types of surgery.

To understand all these treatments, with their benefits and side effects, please click on the following links:

Best Treatments
Natural Healing

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