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If you have a problem related to sleep apnea, please don't hesitate do ask here. You'll receive an answer for free!

Just choose a category where you think your question will fit in, and I will try to deliver the best answer possible. However, detailed questions have the highest priority to be answered.

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This Sleep Apnea Forum is Special!

  • Is specifically designed to create a community, where you can join in with your questions or comments on nearly anything related to sleep apnea disorder.
  • You will have your own exclusive page where you and I can refer back for easy reference in the future, add remarks, and monitor your therapy progress, while others can rate or comment too!

Note: I receive many questions. Some of them are difficult to answer, because they don't have too much information related to the problem.

For example, lets say someone complains that his CPAP mask has leak problems and asks for advice to improve the leaks. I need to know what name or type of CPAP mask is he using (nasal, full face mask, etc.), what pressure does he have, and so on...

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