120 events per hour

by Samuel S.
(United States, Wisconsin)

I started a sleep study and was put on a CPAP after about an hour or so. I was told that I had 120 apnea events per hour.

After continuing sleep with CPAP machine by morning improved on some scale of normal breathing of 1 to 26 apneas per hour - I scored a 24.

Question: if 40 events per night is severe sleep apnea, what is 120 events per hour? thanks


Actually, if you have more than 30 apnea events per hour then your sleep apnea is graded as severe.

120 events per hour is...how should I say...a severe case of severe sleep apnea. Which is really bad.

I don't want to imagine how would you feel if you have such a severe case. For a seven hour sleep, this means 840 apnea events per night!

And when you think that one apnea event is defined as cessation of breathing for at least 10 seconds... Then in 7 hours of "sleep" you actually don't sleep at least 8400 seconds, which means at least two and a half hours.

The worse part is that you stop breathing in sleep exactly when you go into deep sleep, where your body is recovering from stress during daytime.

In other words, you barely sleep during the night with 120 events per hour. As someone says, you "might better watch the sun rising".

A 24 AHI represents a moderate sleep apnea, which can still affect your memory, driving and work abilities, and your quality of life. See more about sleep apnea side effects here. However, it's a good step toward a better life.

I hope you'll get more support from your doctor to improve your sleep apnea index. Meanwhile, if you have any problems with your CPAP therapy, look for CPAP problems or Mask problems articles, or ask me in the forum section of this site.

Some more interesting pages for you to check out:

I hope it helps. Don't be afraid to comment back.

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Aug 24, 2017
83 events an hour NEW
by: Anonymous

I'm now down to 2 to 3 events an hour, working with my doctor and using Bi-pap.

Aug 03, 2017
Something not working.,,
by: Anonymous

Should investigate a mouthpiece also surgery is an option,see a doctor.e

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