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Questions about the sleep study test, test results, sleep study at home, etc? Ask your question here!

Use this forum to discuss about the sleep study test used in the evaluation of Sleep Apnea. Everyone is welcomed to join in.

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  • Do you know what sleep study results really mean?

  • Do you have other questions about your sleep test results?

Go on and ask me anything about sleep study tests, results and sleep clinics. I'll do my best to publish it in a timely manner.

I will answer to your question within one or two days; however, due to a high submission rate, it may take longer to answer, or may be published without a response from me, in which case it'll still be there for visitors on the web to share their thoughts.

When you ask me a question, I will build your own page exclusively for your sleep apnea concerns. You can add more questions or let visitors add comments and ratings at the 'Visitor Comments' below the page, and I will be there to answer them and help you.

All answers will come from me and not from any email autoresponder.

Just me. :-)

Note: Try to include as many details about your question as possible, so I can be fully equipped to answer it well.

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120 events per hour 
I started a sleep study and was put on a CPAP after about an hour or so. I was told that I had 120 apnea events per hour. After continuing sleep …

Medicare issues for buying CPAP headgear 
I was diagnosed with sleep apnea, both types, 20 years ago. After CPAP use for several years, a corroborating study was conducted; confirmed CPAP couldn't …

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