Ted, a victim of sleep apnea

by Karen

My husband, Ted passed away last year due to sleep apnea. He actually went to a clinic for this problem in portland,texas.

They apparently did not diagnose correctly. He stayed there overnight while they observed his sleeping habit. I still will never understand what could have happened. He went there. He came home. He was sold this stupid little machine. Nothing was ever said or done; other than that stupid little machine??? Why? I loved ted with all my heart and why this happened is over my head.

Bottom line-- is this problem caused problems within him.

We owned a business; which he disabled me in the inclusion of. We had grandchildren together; which he tried not to share. I blame doctor's and these fast little clinical hospitals in these small towns. It is wrong.

If ted had been in an ambulance on his way to a corpus christi hospital; I think he would be alive right now. I miss him and I wish I could tell him I love him.

This is in memory of Ted Hunt of Taft, Texas.

I love you Ted forever. Karen

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