Sleep Apnea Made Me a Widow

by Darla Loftus
(Carterville, IL, USA)

Michael, when we were dating, spring, 2004

Michael, when we were dating, spring, 2004

Michael, when we were dating, spring, 2004 Our wedding day, October 15, 2005

I lost the love of my life, Michael Ray Loftus, to sleep apnea, at only 60 years of age.

He died in his recliner, of a massive heart attack. His cardiologist told him to use his CPAP machine, adding, "it will probably save your life."

Michael tried it for three days, and refused to try any more, after that. He returned it to the store. I warned him that he would die, just as his older brother had, in his sleep, from a massive heart attack. Michael just laughed this off.

Exactly six months and three days after he returned the machine, I found him dead, in his recliner, from a massive heart attack.

He was the love of my life, and we had only been married five years, and three weeks, when he died.

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