Our 28 yr old Son Died from Sleep Apnea

by D. Clark

We did not know our son had Sleep Apnea. He was 28 years old & passed away on July 11, 2011.

He was spending the weekend at our home and we heard a snoring noise from the room, my husband and I checked on him, turn him on his side and the snoring stopped.

We were not aware of him having any type of sleep disorder. The next morning I went in to wake him & found him deceased.

He leaves behind a 7-year-old son, finance, brothers & grieving parents. We intend to advocate, educate, & get people to get tested for this disorder.

Yes, Sleep Apnea does cause death.

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Sep 15, 2011
So young...
by: Remy

Oh, this is very sad. And scary in the same time...

He was younger than me...

Was it a heart attack caused by sleep apnea?

I am sad, and I'm angry. Sad because of your tragic loss; angry because maybe he could have been saved, like so many others.

My condolences to you and your family...

Sep 15, 2011
answer to Remy
by: D.Clark

Cardic Arrhythmia arrest was cause of death due to Sleep Apnea. We have a wonderful friend that sent us this:
Cause of death God's chosen day to bring him home!! That was from God. Love ya!

Sep 15, 2011
feel your pain
by: shylakay

I posted my story on here...

Most people who have sleep apnea usually show signs of some kind..did your son's weight increase? Had he always snored?

This is the hardest kind of loss there is.. there is no one who can understand what it is like to lose a child..unless you have lost one. IT is the most devastating thing you can go through.

My prayers are with you..it is SO IMPORTANT to recognize the signs and symptoms of sleep apnea and get help quickly for it.

You are in my prayers and know that I can honestly say " I feel your pain"..My heart goes out to you.

Sep 21, 2011
Very sad
by: Brian

I think that sleep disorders/lack of sleep/and other serious sleep problems are overlooked in our society. It's so sad that this happened, who would think that sleep apnea could cause this?

Mar 16, 2012
Heartbroken. Son died at 27 in his sleep at our home visiting
by: Anonymous

It has been 4 lonely excruciating months since we found our only son passed in our home. We just got the coroner report and his findings is an enlarged heart. He did sleep hard. I heard him that night.

As a Mom I am slowly dying inside. No one understands my pain. I was doing okay trying ton stay busy by hosting holidays and in the past month the sickening hard reality that my Dear Son is not coming home is tearing me up. I know he is gone and words are helpful...but I can't get past the hard cold dead end concrete wall that I will never hug him.buy him gifts make his favorite dinners.

I am so lost. I call his phone to hear his voice. This is so hard. His two older sisters and my husband are hurting but seem to be handling it better. All I can think of is how could I have missed this enlarged heart or sleep apnea. I am trying to not dwell on the details of seeing him dead for 8 hours. Picking his clothes, the coffin...I changed his clothes twice. I held his sweet hands until they said we have to go.

I MISS MY BOY SO BAD. HE WAS MY BEST FRIEND. I ADORES HIM!! How do we wrap our heads around justnthe memories. I go from 'Mom just want you to know how much I love you and can you teach me how to make your dumplings and the next day he is leaving packed in ice and blue.

I kissed him so much and opened his beautiful eyes and look in them and prayed for it to be a dream. Inhave to get this off my chest. I do understand how youncan die of a broken heart. Bless you all with your loss and pain.

Inam trying to cope...but it just isn't settling in. I just miss him so much.

Apr 30, 2012
Lost my daughter
by: April Hughes

I am experiencing your pain we lost our beloved daughter JAn 28, 2012 from sleep apena too. It is so devastating!!

Aug 13, 2012
i understand
by: Anonymous

i understand your pain completely. our son died at 23yrs old, 3 weeks ago. picture of health, worked out everyday, ate healthy, was active military. he was snoring at 1am, snoring at 4am and dead at 830am. we are still awaiting the autopsy results, but everyone we've talked to so far says sleep apnea. this is the most pain i've ever felt in my life. i just can't fathom that he will never call me again, that i'll never touch his face again. he leaves behind a wife of 11mths and a son thats 3. how do you move past it? how can any day be any better without him?

Aug 13, 2012
no sleep
by: Shylakay

I have posted my own story on here plus left comments to others...

On my son's tombstone we put

" An Angel touched him and he slept"

This is how we felt when he finally got to
close his eyes and actually sleep....

Please watch your loved ones.. pay attention to how they sleep..and get them help BEFORE it is too late.

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