James Gray Bolton had sleep apnea

by Brenda
(Baton Rouge, LA)

He was my beautiful Irish man, blue eyes, Blond hair and a heart of gold! on the 12th of January he would have been 54 years,old!

He had sleep apnea he did not believe me'. He was the love of my life, strong, vibrant, life was in front of us!

He complained of headaches, stress, fatigue, and never stopped!!!!!

Sudden death from a stroke! I still don't believe he is gone but I know in my heart it was the sleep apnea that ultimately caused this pain in my heart!!!

I have a great need to let others know that unless untreated, you life will change forever.

Is there any way I can be involved with some kind of awareness....FOR ME MY LIFE IS CHANGED FOR EVER THAT COULD HAVE BEEN PREVENTED ,but there are no take backs!

I want to make people or men more aware. He was my soul mate, my life, my dreams, the breath that I breath, and he vanished!

I love you Gray!!!!

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Jan 08, 2013
Hi Brenda
by: Remy

I'm very very sorry for your loss, and I really appreciate sharing this sad story on this site.

You are helping many people understand that sleep apnea is not a joke, just by posting your story here. So you are already a hero for us, like other people who have shared their personal stories.

I also spread the word on my Facebook page, where many people can find faster your sad experience.

Jan 08, 2013
by: Anonymous

So sorry to hear this story. I am 54 years old. I was just diagnosed with sleep apnea about 7 months ago. I think I have had it all my life.

Having my sleep apnea treated has made an immeasurable difference in my life. Had my doctor not insisted that I be tested, I never would have.

I had headaches every day and was exhausted all the time, but I don't snore. I never have. I thought if you didn't snore, you couldn't have sleep apnea.

I had one of the worst sleep tests the sleep center people had ever seen, and far and away the worst one my doctor had ever seen. I wish there was an alarm bell for sleep apnea.

People have no idea how dangerous this can be, but I see patients every day, and at least once a day, I strongly suggest that someone get tested for sleep apnea based on their history.

Slowly, slowly, I hope that people are getting the word, but it's slow, and as you know, very painful progress.

Very sorry for your loss.

Jan 08, 2013
A Message For Brenda .
by: Joan Kincey

Dear Brenda,I have just read your sad letter about the loss of your Dear Husband, my heart goes out to you bless you.

I myself lost my son to Sleep Apnoea in 2010, he passed away in his sleep. So I know what you are going through, I think OSA is much more serious ,than we are led to believe, and it certainly need much more media attention,than it has got over the last years.

Like yourself I have been doing all I can to try and make that happen,I have shared your story on my timeline on facebook, so that others might read it hopefully.

I have done this to your husband's desr memory, and especially for to let you know I am thinking of you,and you are not alone.

Sincerely Joan xx

Jan 12, 2013
James Gray Bolton
by: Terry Vella

Brenda, sorry to hear about your loss, my goal in life now is to try to let everyone know about SA and to then give support and help to newbies, something that is lacking from the medical area, after we are diagnosed. I suppose in some ways I was a lucky one that kept telling specialists something was wrong and they didn't believe me then after 48 years I eventually found the answer and haven't looked back. I wish your James had have had the same opportunity and maybe things would have been different.

Jan 12, 2013
Love can be Blind Even to Sleep Apnea
by: Michelle Cochran AUSTRALIA

My deepest heartfelt sympathy goes out to you Brenda.

Your love of James is so deep and obvious from the words you have spoken. Your decision to go on a crusade is a decision whose bravery is driven by that love.

Sadly, I don't know for what reason, males do tend to dismiss Sleep Apnea as possible cause for the problems they have. Therefore they easily deny the may have it.

This condition is the sleeping giant that many people suffer from. Some aware others not. Unfortunately I believe the general public don't have a true concept of the ramification of this condition. Many don't really know what it is. A global awareness programme is needed to bring the facts to everyone.

I believe that you will make a difference in making people aware. The great love you have for James will drive you you will make differences to many lives. Don't give up. James will be with you.

Again my sincere sympathy on the greatest loss in life, that of a truly loved one.

Jul 14, 2015
My husband just passed away
by: Anonymous

My Husband - the love of my life passed away on July 1st 2015. He was a strong, vibrant, loving man who was so gentle and passionate with the people he loved. He went to sleep and 1 hour later he was on the floor not able to breathe. He was 52!

My beautiful Miles was 6' 6" tall and had dimples when he smiled... Every woman would have loved to be next to him. He was a devoted husband and father. Loyal and loving. Respected. Sleep apnea killed him and I know I fought death for almost 11 minutes but could not bring him back to life.

I am so sad ....

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