Have anybody made any video of death via sleep apnea?

by Remigio Obias Jr., R.N.

In my opinion all those famous people you have mentioned does not have have positive confirmation of death by sleep apnea. If ever a person dies of a heart attack what are the physical conditions during those few critical seconds of the attack, same with death by sleep apnea.

A death by stroke would also have different physical conditions during those crucial seconds when stroke occurs.What is happening in the medical world is that we only relate these conditions with one another just to come up with a conclusion on the cause of death of a person, may it be a patient or a healthy person.

If it was a heart attack why would there be severe chest pains, why does other patients mention difficulty of breathing such as the last words, "I cannot breathe".

With a person who was not able to voice out what he was feeling during those crucial seconds before death, when he grasps his chest area, was it the chest pain due to the attack or was it difficulty of breathing during the attack.

If you have clear answers then you can truly help people with such disorders.


I'm glad you asked this question. Not too long ago, I discovered that visitors are not so interested in reading about how deadly is sleep apnea, mainly because of the overwhelming fear and panic which is produced only when you read about it.

One visitor just sent an email telling me that I have too depressing stories about sleep apnea, and he signed out from my newsletter. This is one of the reason that I included some funny drawings on this site, and I'm trying to gather stories with successfull stories from people with sleep apnea.

So, I'm trying to concentrate on the positive things about this sleep disorder, but I see that you are interested in this subject. Well, from my personal opinion, I didn't find a clinical study saying that sleep apnea is causing death by asphyxiation during sleep.

However, I found that the most common causes of death in sleep apnea patients were cardiovascular events and stroke. Click here to read the clinical study.

Here is a video about this subject:

Do you know how AIDS kills a person? Well, actually...you don't die directly from AIDS, but from pneumonia, tuberculosis, cancer, and other viral and bacterial infections. Healthy people normally resist those infections, because their immune system is not damaged like in AIDS patients.

In our case, sleep apnea damages the heart and the brain, and fortunately, with an effective treatment (e.g. CPAP), patients can repair their damaged body. This is unbelievable, considering that many people with severe heart problems need surgery to recover their heart. The clinical study confirms that using a CPAP the patient can improve the heart rate recovery in patients with OSA.

Anyway, I feel that you are not satisfied with my answer, so I will broke the rule - to speak about positive things - and I'll give you an example of a video about death from sleep apnea:

I hope it helps. Don't be afraid to comment back.

Remy Thierry
Founder of Sleep Apnea Guide

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Mar 23, 2014
Snoring but can't wake the person up
by: Anonymous

How can one be snoring but not be able to be awakened? This happened to my husband several years ago when he wasn't using his CPAP. He was taken to the ER and put on a ventilator until he woke up.

Could that be from sleep apnea, or from a narcotic overdose of pain pills?

Jun 16, 2017
Sleep Apnea deaths probably look like heart attacks
by: Anonymous

I suffer from severe sleep apnea and I have woken up 3 times not being able to breathe.
Could not actually bring air into my lungs. I wonder how many times this happened when I didn't wake up.

I am sure if I had been found dead it would have been assumed I had a heart attack. Who even thinks of sleep apnea as causing death? A coroner would have just looked and saw I had a bad heart which I am sure I do since I am overweight and would have made the diagnosis of heart attack and never would have known I was fine, I just couldn't breathe.

I am not sure how the CPAP machine works, it doesn't seem to force air into my nose but it does make the air accessible when I do breathe in. I have had no stop breathing episodes since I started using the machine but its not like I had them more than once a year before so who knows.

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