The Only Functional Anti Snoring Pillow That Works

by Oswald Abraham

The Functional Anti Snoring Pillow That Reduces or Prevents Snoring

Established: 2008
Location: Online Store
Product: Inclined, Lateral Positional Anti Snoring Pillow

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Statistics show 40% of the world's population suffering from some form of sleep disorder, snoring and sleep apnea are just a couple of them. It should come as no surprise the world is peppered with products that claim to prevent or stop snoring or sleep apnea. While the intention of suppliers of such products is good, the reality is, very few products work. Those devices that do work are inconvenient, stressful, intrusive or all of the above. Sometimes there is a small price to pay when there is a very little choice.

My personal experience with snoring and sleep apnea (OSA) was dreadful. To add to this problem I also suffer from swollen turbinates, sinuses, and general blockage of the upper airways passage that prevent me from breathing normally. To find a solution, I had to first overcome my ignorance about snoring and sleep apnea. I used devises and anti snoring pillows available in the market. They did nothing for me.

With more research on the internet and understanding of the various sleep positions, I concluded the only way to reduce or prevent snoring is to address the comfort of the whole body during sleep. We achieved this by designing an inclined lateral positional anti snoring pillow that locks the body for comfort during sleep. It is important to have the upper airways passage clear or be treated by you medical professional for proper sleep.

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Oswald Abraham

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