Sleep Apnea only with a cold and weight gain

by Cold

I am an overweight male who has recently gained even more weight.

Recently I had a severe sinus cold and had trouble sleeping.

In particular I kept waking up and was having trouble breathing.

The constant waking along with my head cold, lead to my mind playing tricks and I developed some severe anxiety.

I received sleeping pills from my doctor which I took sparingly but helped me ease into sleep at night.

My doctor sent me to a sleep study where I was quickly diagnosed with severe sleep apnea.

While studying this condition I realized a big factor for myself was that my weight had spiraled out of control.

Immediately I made some life style changes, started exercising, eating better, saw a nutritionist, and initially lost some weight and continue to do so.

I noticed about a month later, that after my severe cold had passed and after dropping 15 pounds, and changing my eating habits, I began to sleep fine as I always had before.

In reviewing all of the symptoms for sleep apnea, I concluded that this is not a correct diagnosis, or at least not a severe case. I have asked my wife to watch me at night and she states I do not have moments where I stop breathing.

At this time the sleep doctor had set me up with a CPAP machine, and when I tried to get a second opinion, the second doctor just cancelled on me knowing the first doctor I spoke with.

I think I am OK. The CPAP machine is loud and annoying, and I don't need it to sleep. I continue on the right path with my weight loss.
Can you lend some thoughts to my situation?


If the main cause of your sleep apnea is weight gain, then you are one of the lucky patients who can cure sleep apnea, and not only to keep it under control with CPAP or dental devices.

Yes, sleep apnea can go away forever, BUT only if the fat causes your sleep disorder.

A word of caution, however: recent studies from 2011 demonstrated that dietary weight loss is effective in reducing severe sleep apnea, but doesn't completely eliminate it. This means that you should get an official opinion about your apnea severity with another sleep study. And maybe you'll choose a better sleep laboratory, this time.

Your wife's opinion is also very important. She should observe (spying?) if you feel drowsy during the day, or falling asleep in front of TV, etc. You may be too tired sometimes to realize that something is wrong with you. So your wife's help is precious.

Keep monitor your sleep by using a portable finger oximeter. Because sleep apnea causes low blood oxygen levels, an oximeter can detect this issue.

I hope it helps. Don't be afraid to comment back.

Remy Thierry
Founder of Sleep Apnea Guide

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