ResMed CPAP  S8 Escape™ II Review

How to use ResMed CPAP S8 Escape™ II to treat Sleep Apnea?

ResMed CPAP S8 Escape™ II machine is designed to increase patient comfort and convenience while improving sleep apnea symptoms and general health. 

In this article you'll discover the qualities of Resmed S8 Escape II that can help you to treat sleep apnea in a quiet and comfortable ambiance.

Features and Benefits for ResMed CPAP S8 Escape:

Best Quality / Price CPAP machine:

The ResMed S8 Escape II is one of the best CPAP machines on the market that has standard performance with a cheap price compared with other breathing machines.

But let's see if ResMed S8 can match your requests for a better life.

This CPAP machine has all the qualities that you need to get a good sleep:

  • quiet,
  • compact,
  • lightweight,
  • reliable.

Quiet Comfort

The S8 Escape II has the whisper-quiet operation mode. This is possible due to the dual-stage motor that rotates at dramatically lower speeds than motors in traditional devices.

Being dual-stage, it performs more efficiently at lower speeds and reduces device noise to 26dB, ensuring ResMed Escape S8 with Easy-Breathe technology is the quietest standard CPAP device available.

Size and Portability

ResMed S8 Escape II is perfect for travel and home use because is very small and light. Check the dimensions:

- 112 mm x 164 mm x 145 mm, and weight: 1,3 kg.

This video shows how can you take advantage from a small CPAP like Resmed S8 Escape:


The HumidAire 3i heated humidifier adds moisture and warmth to the air delivered by a CPAP or bilevel system. This reduces symptoms of dryness and congestion, improving patient comfort and compliance.

Easy Breathe Technology

Easy-Breathe technology with Dynamic enhanced EPR (Expiratory Pressure Relief) is a new feature in CPAP therapy that delivers increased patient comfort and improved compliance by allowing the pressure to drop on exhalation.

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