Now I Can Breathe - New Sleep Apnea Success Story

by Charlie
(Massapequa ny)

Started about three years ago, needed naps in the afternoon.

Falling asleep at my desk at work , never fell asleep at the drivers wheel but hard to keep my eyes open, I went to the doctors about eight months ago and had a blood test they checked my testosterone levels. They where down to 195 at 51 years old.

Had ED also, they would not put me on steroids until I took the sleep apnea test which presented as severe.

I obtained a mask and CPAP machine, also I was put on Axiron steroids.

Levels are going up slowly, I am not tired through the day, I have more energy.

While taking Axiron if I don'T use the mask I have a 40% chance of dying in my sleep, so I don't mind using the mask needless to say, but it all seems a little scary.

What if I didn't go to the doctor? What are the statistics of my combination of therapies ?

Axiron is fairly new, I also smoke too many years, have hundreds of fatty lipomas, thankfully not noticeable.

So scared yes, I take one day at a time and try to enjoy every minute, for when will be my last breath.

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Oct 13, 2011
Every breath you take...
by: Remy

In your present situation, when you look to the other people from the street, it seems strange that they don't realize how lucky they are...breathing normally, sleeping soundly, with no fear of dying in sleep.

Yes, it's strange... Sometimes sleep apnea makes you appreciate every breath you take, and every moment you live. However, if depression comes...but this is another story.

Congratulation on your successful treatment, and keep using your sleep apnea machine. And I like to know that you "enjoy every minute, for when will be my last breath". Did you know that this is the secret to happiness?

Why do we have to be sick, to realize that?

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