Near Perfect Success with the Somnodent Oral Appliance

by Richard S. Gillum, DDS
(Indianapolis, Indiana)

I am a 56 year old general dentist that was diagnosed with severe sleep apnea approximately 4 years ago. AHI 35. My wife told me for several years that I was a world class snorer. Hey it didn't bother me so I thought nothing of it.

As things progressed, I started waking up once or twice a week in the middle of a severe apnea event feeling like it was my last breath of life. Scaring myself and my wife half to death I finally took action.

I had heard about dental sleep medicine so I began researching the topic determined not to wear a CPAP. My journey has led to a practice devoted to dental sleep medicine.

I have personally worn many of the most popular oral appliances. They all work reasonably well with proper patient selection in the hands of a well trained and experienced dental sleep medicine physician. So the most important variable becomes comfort of wear.

The Somnodent oral appliance is with out a doubt the most comfortable appliance I have worn in 4 years of wearing appliances. It is also the most durable and the most refined appliance in my opinion. The appliance goes in the patients mouth nearly every time with minimal or no adjustments. Other appliances I have used caused jaw joint problems with a few patients. Never has the Somnodent caused a jaw problem. Our treatment success with the Somnodent with mild to moderate OSA and qualifying severe patients is in excess of 90%.

Oral appliance therapy gave me back a quality of life I had long forgotten. I sleep soundly all night, dream vividly and the daytime sleepiness is completely eliminated. I have not missed a night of wear in years. I know if I do, its like throwing away a day of my life.

Oral appliance therapy is the most satisfying professional service I have provided as a dentist. The Somnodent is the appliance of choice for 95% of my patients. I continue to evaluate new appliances but none seem to match up with the Somnodent.

A final word about knock off copies of the Somnodent. None that I have evaluated are nearly as comfortable and well crafted and refined as the Somnodent. The higher lab cost of Somnodent is completely worth the cost for a vastly superior product. I made a few copy appliances and after difficult deliveries and unhappy patients I switched back to Somnodent.

Remember they all work, but for comfort, quality and effectiveness Somnodent is a wise choice.

I hope it helps. Don't be afraid to comment back.

Remy Thierry
Founder of Sleep Apnea Guide

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