Insomnia symptoms with CPAP mask

by Harvey

I use a full face mask and often just lie there, sometimes for hours, before falling asleep !!

If I take the mask off, I fall right asleep.

I'm in my first few weeks of use.

How long does it take to get used to a mask ?


Lots of people have insomnia-like symptoms while using CPAP. The question you really have insomnia, or you have anxiety problems while wearing the CPAP mask?

I can help you to identify if you have insomnia or anxiety by answering to the next questions:

  • Do you feel comfortable when you're lying in bed with the CPAP on?

  • When you have the mask on, but before falling asleep, do you have any worried thoughts running through your mind?

  • Do you feel like you are suffocating, having not enough air to breathe?

If you answered "yes" to one or more questions, you might have CPAP claustrophobia, which usually can be treated by wearing the CPAP mask while you are awake. Just wear it around the house, or watching TV, reading a book, etc.

Note: You can first wear the mask without the CPAP machine connected, to get used to the sensation of having a strange object on your face. After a couple of days of testing without the machine, connect the machine to your mask, turning it on. Then do the same things (watching TV, reading, etc) with the mask on your face and machine switched on.

The idea is to get acclimated to the CPAP mask until you can sleep comfortable with it. Remember than no one ever died from wearing a CPAP machine, but only when they decided to quit their treatment.

Please leave me a comment if you don't have anxiety or claustrophobia from CPAP mask, to discuss other solutions.

I hope it helps. Don't be afraid to comment back.

Remy Thierry
Founder of Sleep Apnea Guide

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Mar 29, 2012
my thought
by: shylakay

I have posted on here somewhere but not sure where it is or what it was titled. I always feel somewhat anxious when I go to bed and put my CPAP on ( full face mask).

I HAVE to lie on my left side..and rest my hand on my pillow beside my head so that the air is blowing ONTO my hand.(the exhaust air thru the little holes). I feel the cool air blowing on my hand and I am aware of the air inside the mask and how well I can breath. Otherwise..I feel like once the mask has suctioned to my face that there IS NO AIR blowing inside of it. I know it seems crazy because if you lift the mask away from your face for a is like a hurricane going on in there.. but once it suctions to your face this is NOT the feeling you get.

As long as I can feel this air blowing on my hand I am reassured I am indeed getting plenty of air inside the mask and I can breath really good in there..I relax and drift off to sleep.

This may seem like a silly thing..but for me ..this is the ONLY thing that works when I go to bed at night. I LOVE my CPAP mask and is a "Thank you God" moment when I touch the green light and it comes on and is still working.

Mar 27, 2017
by: Anonymous

Has anyone with anxiety experienced more anxiety after using cpap machine?

Dec 28, 2017
Sleeping troubles
by: In the forest

I've been using my cpap for two nights now. The first night I did pretty good on it, got about 5 hrs.

Of good sleep and felt great the next day, I felt well rested and had energy, I didn't take any naps and for me that's hard not to do cause of all the medication I take, tonight or should I say this morning, I cannot fall asleep for anything.

It is 3:10am and I'm wide awake, times like these what can I do to fall back asleep? I have no issues with the mask whatsoever. I'm able to wear it all night without any problems.

Jan 25, 2019
Can't Sleep Comfortably
by: Anonymous

I've been using a CPAP for moe than five years, now, so I am used to it.

My problem is that when using it, I am unable to really move and sleep in a comfortable position, because it always leaks when I do.

Of course this wakes me and I have to re-position my head, or even my whole body.

I've tried several sizes of mask, and the one I'm using now seems best.

This can happen several times per night, and I don't seem to fall asleep quickly.

I also have a problem with waking about three to four hours into my sleep.

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