How to choose the best CPAP Machine?

Factors you need to consider when you buy a CPAP

Choosing the best cpap machine will allow you to maximize your therapy for sleep apnea.

Because CPAP technology is changing very rapidly, I will tell you how to choose a CPAP looking at general aspects.

Regarding what breathing machine you choose, it has to be manufactured by one of the top companies (mentioned in this article), with at least all the features that can help you breathe comfortably during sleep.

Tips to Choose a CPAP

Buy a CPAP machine from a good manufacturer

First, you need a quality cpap machine:

  • it must work very efficient all night, like a clock, and for many nights from now on.
  • it must deliver a constant level of air pressure even if you have a leak around the mask.

To avoid problems you should choose a cpap made by top manufactures, such as:

  • Resmed
  • Respironics
  • Sunrise Medical, who makes Devilbiss CPAP
  • Puritan Bennett
  • Fisher and Paykel
  • Aeiomed

ResMemd and Respironics are the most popular manufactures in the present.

Additional Features for Your CPAP Machine

You have to consider different additional features for different cpap machine. Depends on your needs and preferences in selecting these features:

To have an effective treatment, your pressurized air requires a closed seal at the mouth or nose. You need to know if you feel comfortable with the mask, because you could give up cpap therapy if do you not feel good.

  • Ramp allows you to start your cpap machine at a lower pressure each night to allow you to fall asleep more easily.

After a period of time the pressure gradually increases to the prescribed level.

Ramp is a comfort feature. Many people can sleep more easily when the pressure doesn't enter all at once.

Many people have their nose dry when using a CPAP, so they need humidity to breathe normally.

The problem with humidifiers is that they are expensive and the need to be cleaned daily to prevent dust and mold.

  • Exhalation Relief - this feature is designed by some manufactures to make exhalation easier when you breathe with cpap.

  • Data capability is used by some of cpap machine to collect data regarding your therapy (pressure data, leak data, etc).
  • It is a good ideea to have a cpap with data capability to see what types of breathing events you may have when you use your cpap in sleep.


If you travel frequently , you will need to choose a cpap model that is portable, small, easy to fit in a briefcase.

Some manufactures offer attractive and practical cases specialy designed for traveling. Check if you have an optional DC power supply for you car's cigarette lighter and the option to change batteries.

It will help you a lot when you travel by car or by airplane.

Buying CPAP online

If you are planning to buy your cpap machine from the internet, you need to be careful. This buying solution is cheaper, but it could be dangerous.

Not all the vendors are serious in this business. Make sure they have a respiratory therapist to guide you when you are choosing the best cpap machine.

Do you need CPAP supplies? We offer low prices, great service, trusted brands and free shipping. Your satisfaction is guaranteed!

Before you buy or rent a cpap machine, be sure to look at all of the features available to you. Ask a sleep therapist what are the guidelines when you choose the best cpap for your specific treatment. 

Search and compare before choosing the machine. Is like buing a car. But you will stay a lot longer with your best cpap machine.

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