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Hello! My name is Remy, and thanks for visiting Sleep Apnea Guide !

Sleep-Apnea-Guide website was born out of over 6 years of drowsiness, snoring, restless sleep, problems at work, and frustration over misinformation and LACK of information about sleep apnea.

I've had the dubious privilege of seeing many doctors, and other medical folks in my country, and like any man suffering from sleep apnea I've had advice given to me from everywhere, both good and bad. So I wanted to build a place where I could sort out the good information and put it in language that even I can understand! ;-)

Special thanks to Solo Build It!, the website management helper that has allowed me to build this site without having to worry about the programming, and technical details. Read more about my journey here.

I live with my beautiful fiancee and travel and have fun as much as I can. I know now how important is health for me and my family. Thanks for taking the time to visit! I hope you have fun and learn something that will make life just a little easier. :-) contact Remy, please visit our contact page here.

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