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It gets harder to keep on top of the latest sleep apnea news as the number of patients with sleep apnea continues to climb, and more and more organizations are stepping up to provide service to this community.

We're working on making things easier for you. For starters, we've set up an automatic news update system for you here, that will regularly update with the latest information.

But, not only do we provide the latest sleep apnea information - we review it and provide commentary to help you make sense of what you read. We also make it easy for you to contribute news that you've come across concerning sleep apnea as well. And, unlike most news services, we make it easy to provide direct public commentary on news items.

If you have news that you'd like to share, just look below the news section and you'll see a news input form that you can use to send us your news information. Just below that you'll see a list on contributions provided by other visitors, as well as key stories that we've chosen to highlight for you. In order to get more details and comment on any of those items, just click on the title.


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We'll add any news you let us know about and also provide a spot for other visitors to comment on it as well.

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News: Another choice of treatment against obstructive sleep apnea. 
My name is Phirith RUN. I work for Amrein Prosthetics and Orthotics . I would like to introduce you our new bandage solution against obstructive sleep …

Traveling with your CPAP machine just got easier Not rated yet
My name is Rick and I have sleep apnea. I was diagnosed in 1995, this is when my life changed for the better. As a matter of fact, my children have …

Anxiety Due to Sleep Apnea: Tips to Promote Sleep Not rated yet
Constant sleeplessness lowers the body's defenses to fight off diseases and infections. It makes us more susceptible to illnesses both physical and psychological. …

After using BiPAP for over 11 years I wrote a book so others do not have to reinvent the wheel  Not rated yet
I was diagnosed with sleep apnea over 11 years ago and given a BiPAP machine. I fought with it as it did now work well for me. From my training as a …

The Only Functional Anti Snoring Pillow That Works Not rated yet
The Functional Anti Snoring Pillow That Reduces or Prevents Snoring Established: 2008 Location: Online Store Product: Inclined, Lateral Positional …

Apnex Implant - a new treatment for obstructive sleep apnea Not rated yet
A research team, headed by Eric Kezirian, M.D, invented a device known as Apnex, that can improve sleep apnea. This device works like a tongue pacemaker, …

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