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1. Our Contest has been Upgraded!

If you read our last newsletter, you know that we have a contest in progress.

Basically, if you send us a story about your experience with sleep apnea, you'll get the chance to win our new book about the challenges of sleep apnea treatments.

We already picked winners, and our prize will be delivered to them. The book should be finished around the end of this summer; maybe earlier.


We created a special page for our contest, and we included new prizes (first prize is $125) for the best stories submitted. All the experiences from our participants will be visible to everyone.

You'll get the chance to rate and comment on their story.

You can share experiences and win as well!

Our contest page is available here.

2. Every Contest Story Announced on Facebook Page!

Do you have a Facebook account? We post every contest story on our wall.

Be sure to visit often our Facebook page to see our latest updates and to vote our contestants.

3. New Page Added

Steps Toward a Successful OSA Treatment
(graphics included for a better understanding)

There are many sleep apnea treatments available today, but not all the treatments are effective for every patient.

It all depends on the physical examination with your doctor and sleep study results from your sleep test.

In this page you'll learn what are the basic steps to treat obstructive apnea, from the fist signs of your symptoms to choosing your primary treatment.

Learn more about the Steps Toward a Successful OSA Treatment.

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