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1. The OSA Demonstrator

Sometimes it's difficult to understand or to explain why someone has obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). Well, not anymore!

A clever person invented a simple device which demonstrates how can you have the upper airway obstructed. There are many risk factors for OSA, and the OSA Demonstrator will show you which are these factors.

2. Falling Asleep While Driving

I was thinking a lot if I should share with you my new page about drowsy driving. I'll explain why...

We all know that if someone has sleep apnea and drives during the day, it's very probable to fall asleep behind the wheel. Some people fall asleep just a couple of milliseconds and others a couple of seconds. We call it microsleep if it's less than 30 seconds.

Now, I gathered some video-examples with people falling asleep at the wheel. The scenes can be educational, and also a warning for the patient's family.

However, if you already have sleep apnea and you don't drive, I don't recommend to watch the videos. I don't want you to feel depressed the rest of the day. Moreover, I cannot promise that those drivers are OK these days. Well, I think they are fine, but I can't promise.

So, the link to my videos are here. Please send me a replay if you are affected by them. Then I will understand that you don't need to see something like this in the future.

Latest Questions with Answers From the Forums

  1. Here Goes... My Story With Sleep Apnea - Needing Advice,

    18 years old.- I was diagnosed in college, freshman year, pre-physical therapy- with severe OSA.

    Anyway, I turned 38 in January, I have been homeless for 2 years now, maybe more, can't remember. Last year, in what I call "a moment of clarity" I started again wondering about this SOSA thing they had told me about in college, I started the rounds of research at that point, and the more I learned, the scarier it all more.

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