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Latest News about Sleep Apnea Syndrome

  1. Most Important CPAP Benefit in Severe OSA Patients
  2. Scientists realized that before the treatment with CPAP, the hearts of the patients with sleep apnea were enlarged. However, after only 3 month of carefully use of their CPAP machine, they saw a reduction of the enlargement of the heart.

    This means that CPAP can partially or totally repair the heart damage produced by sleep apnea, and it can also prevent future heart problems.

    For more information about the study, please watch the first video from from this page.

  3. How to Actually Play the Didgeridoo to Treat Sleep Apnea
  4. You don't need to play an australian aboriginal song to treat OSA with didgeridoo... Just use the circular breathing technique. It's all you need to do with your didgeridoo to treat OSA.

    Watch the video to understand what you need to do to treat OSA with didgeridoo.

Latest Questions with Answers From the Forums

  1. CPAP mask for mouth breather?

    For mouth breather what is the best CPAP mask to use? And if I prefer to use the nasal mask will I still get the benefit of cpap?

    Read the Answer.

  2. Demineralized Water and CPAP, by Andre

    I am in Bordeaux France and distilled water is hard to come by. Is it ok to use demineralized water?

    Some say it is unsafe due to possible bacteria and that it may come from non portable sources. Is that true? Demineralized water is cheaper and easier to come by here.

    Read the Answer.

Offers for Sleep Apnea Products - Winter Holidays 2011!

  • Save 10% off FDA Cleared Mouthpiece for Snoring

    A special dental device can prevent snoring. VitalSleep is the FDA cleared mouthpiece for snoring and it's a doctor and dentist recommended solution that works immediately.

    Follow this link to save 10% when you buy the VitalSleep anti-snoring device.

    End Date: 12/31/2011

  • FREE Shipping with any Order over $75!

    Do you need anti-snoring pillow, or a special pillow for CPAP users?

    Go to Contour Living website and insert the coupon code "FLIP", and you'll get FREE Shipping with any Order over $75!

  • End Date: 01/25/2012

  • FREE 3 Items for Sleep Apnea Patients!

    Do you have positional sleep apnea or snoring?

    Rematee has a new Combo Kit which is a system that comfortably holds you on your side for the best sleep and easy breathing.

    The following items are included FREE with Comfort Combo Kit:

    • 1 of Contour Cloud Pillow ($34.99 value - now Free!)
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