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Our Contest is Almost Over!
August 19, 2012

Check out our new updates about sleep apnea:

1. Our Contest is Almost Over !

(last day for our contest: August, 31, 2012)

As you probably know, we created a special page for our contest, and we included new prizes (first prize is $125) for the best stories submitted. All the sleep apnea experiences from our participants will be visible to everyone.

You'll get the chance to rate and comment on their story.

You can share experiences and win as well!

<< Submit Your Sleep Apnea Story So Others Can Learn From You >>.

Latest Stories Submitted:

  • My Good News About Sleep Apnea

    So I haven't slept well for 49 years, three years ago things started getting worse, the GFC, my job was looking shaky, I lost a lot of money on investments and we had a really hot summer with bushfires in Australia that killed hundreds (I wasn't involved) but all those things really stressed me more than more...

  • I Found CPAP Trying to Help a Friend

    I have a very close friend. He snores, snorts and stops breathing very frequently. I talked to him about sleep apnea and he gave me the classic story. My doctor told me to loose weight and it will go away. I only have this cause I am overweight. His apnea is soo severe that you can see feel and hear the gasping and muscles struggling when he stops more...

2. The NEW Obstructive Sleep Apnea Page

I'm not completely satisfied with the quality of my pages. However, I keep trying to improve them, to give you the best updated information about sleep apnea.

I completely redesigned the page about Obstructive Sleep Apnea. The announce about this change was made on our Facebook page.

If you don't find exactly what you need on this new page, please leave comments.

3. Offers for Sleep Apnea Products - August 2012!

  • Take $5 off $50+ Purchase at Contour Living. Save on Pillows, Cushions and Back Support!

    Do you need anti-snoring pillow, or a special pillow for CPAP users?

    Go to Contour Living website and insert the coupon code "HEAT"

  • End Date: 10/15/2012

  • FREE Shipping with any Order over $75 at Contour Living!

    Go to Contour Living website and insert the coupon code "FREE", and you'll get FREE Shipping with any Order over $75!

  • End Date: 10/15/2012

  • Comfort Combo Kit for Sleep Apnea Patients!

    Do you have positional sleep apnea or snoring?

    Rematee has a new Combo Kit which is a system that comfortably holds you on your side for the best sleep and easy breathing.

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