Starting with October we need to prepare for the holidays. If you want to give a gift for someone or for yourself, now is the right time for shopping.

I included in this newsletter a special offer for the readers of So, if you are interested to buy a pillow for sleep apnea, a CPAP pillow and CPAP accessories, please read the section about "Pillows for Sleep Apnea" bellow.

Some readers need some help with advices regarding sleep apnea. Have you had similar experiences? You can help someone with your knowledge or you can learn more from others.

I answered to every question, but you can add something different and useful to help a patient with sleep apnea. Sometimes, an encouragement from others - like you - can fuel the desire to fight the depression and start a treatment.

To see the questions, please read the section "Can You Share an Advice, or Give an Encouragement?"


Pillows for Sleep Apnea Therapy - Free Shipping Holiday Coupon


There are pillows that can help you eliminate snoring and apnea episodes during sleep. These pillows are specially designed by researchers and tested by patients.

An anti snoring pillow is a specially-designed pillow that helps to align the user’s head with the spine easing the process of inhalation and exhalation. The central portion of these pillows is thinner than the areas around the edges. Irrespective of the sleeping position, the alignment of the head with the neck and spine is so perfect that it removes any possible obstruction of the air pathway.

You should look for a pillow that can help you to sleep on your side rather than on the back. The best reviews has the tempur-pedic pillow, which is also one of the best brand in sleep comfort.

A CPAP pillow can help you sleep better with your CPAP mask, regardless of what position you prefer.

With Contour you can have a Free Shipping with $50 nPurchase! You need to enter the coupon PILLOW at checkout. Click here to see the pillows.

Do you find a lot of useful products? Take $10 off orders of $100+ - Use coupon MERRY. Click here to select the products.


Can You Share an Advice, or Give an Encouragement?


Click the links to see the question in details, and my answer. If you have other opinions please share your thoughts on the Comments section.

Where can I buy a custom fit full face CPAP mask?

Help please!

Staff nurse - Shift work and sleep apnea

Can sleep apnea cause hypertrophic cardiomyopathy?

CPAP mask lip leaks!

How long before you find relief from the cpap machine?


Sleep Apnea Guide - New Pages


I found a simple method to diagnose obstructive sleep apnea at home. This method is also very cheap compared with other home sleep studies. And I also think that the results of your sleep study in your own house can reveal interesting facts about your sleep. However, please keep in mind that you should discuss your results with your doctor.

And...if you are rich, why bother with this modest method? Go to a sleep center, and the sleep doctor will give you the right treatment.

Click this link to learn more.

Please reply to this email and share your opinion about the Home Sleep Test method.


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